Which Regal

Three all-new Buick Regals, with three distinct personalities. One smart, one sporty, one outdoorsy. The challenge: how to present these three very different Regals in one integrated campaign. The creative solution: show how each Regal appeals to a different side of our personality.

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A series of TV commercials and online videos begin with a man looking at all three Buicks and wondering “Which Regal?” As he thinks, a character representing his smart side appears on one shoulder, arguing for the Regal Sportback. Then his daredevil side appears on the other shoulder, tempting the man with the powerful Regal GS. And then a third character appears out of nowhere, on a climbing rope. This is the man’s outdoorsy side - and he wants the all-wheel drive Regal TourX. More surprises follow.

The ‘Which Regal’ campaign debuted during the NCAA Final Four basketball tournament. The friendly rivalry between the three Regal characters was perfectly suited to a time of year obsessed with brackets, stats and winners.

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