Dad Like a Pro

Expand upon GMC’s “Like a Pro” campaign on Father’s Day to show how you can live life to a higher standard by sharing your passion and drive with the ones you love.

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On Father’s Day, we debuted “Dad Like a Pro,” a 60-second spot that gave an inside look at the relationship between a father and his son, and the natural bond they form around the GMC brand. 

To take GMC’s authentic brand voice a step further, we cast a real-life father and son in the ad. In the end the father surprises his son with a mini version of his GMC Sierra truck – like father, like son, like a pro.

The spot aired in select media, including the final round of a major golf tournament. In addition, we created social content on Father’s Day encouraging people to submit their best GMC Dad photos with #LikeAPro.

How this all came together.


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